About Us

about us

“Every student deserves a quality education that celebrates and supports their unique Journey. We are here to inspireelevate 

and support educators with this aim.”

Nura Ahmed, Founder


Tayo Teaching is a professional development company dedicated to supporting and inspiring teachers and education practitioners. Our products and services are particularly designed to address the challenges facing teachers and education practitioners in achieving excellent outcomes for students. 

We aim to provide high quality professional development support and consultation of improvement for schools and other academic institutions.


We provide high quality services and resources including consultations for school improvements, training workshops, online training courses and effective resources to support and enhance the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to excel and stay up-to-date within the education industry.

All our services are provided by qualified and highly skilled global team members with many years of experience within the fields of teaching and learning, quality assurance and leadership and management. 


To help improve the performance of schools and student outcomes by ensuring all teachers and educational practitioners are equipped with the skills and resources needed to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. We achieve this by providing profession development support and improvement plans for schools and academic institutes. 


To guidesupport and empower teachers and education practitioners on their journey to achieving excellent outcome for students and whole school performance.


To elevatesupport and celebrate every student’s learning journey. 

Impact Learning – We aspire to impact learning by providing you with excellent training. 

Innovate and inspire – We strive to be innovative in our services to inspire and motivate you in achieving excellent outcomes for all your students.