Our consultants are experts who use tried and tested, evidence based solutions to solve all your problems. Support and consultation is provided in context to the unique challenges facing each school or institution. This is achieved through visiting each school or institute and assessing their needs in order to provide a recommendation of improvement and all possible training needed.


Consultancy Packages

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Improve the quality of teaching and learning through an audit of current teaching practices and create an effective CPD plan targeting areas of improvement.

Outline of visit

– Audit Teaching and learning practices.

– Train senior staff on how to audit the quality of teaching and learning and outline areas of improvement.

– Provide guidance on monitor teaching practices and get ready for internal and external inspections.

Expected outcome

– Get a greater understanding of the quality of teaching and learning at your school.

– Build a CPD plan in accordance to outcomes of audits on teaching and learning.

– Create individual development plans for teachers based on their areas of strengths and areas of improvement.

– Be more equipped to monitor progress on teaching and prepare for inspection.

Effectively monitor your students’ progress by reviewing their current academic progress and put in place effective interventions to ensure all students are working within their full potential.

Outline of visit-

– Review the current student assessment and progress data

– Conduct learning walks

– Meet with teachers and relevant senior staff

Expected outcome

– Meet and brief with senior staff with full feedback on key findings

– Produce a recommendation report on key findings and how best to maximise all student progress.

self evaluation consult1

With this visit, senior staff get to explore the most effective way to put together a self assessment form for their school or academic institution. Not only will staff be clearer on how to complete a SEF, but they will also gain practical experience by creating one with a qualified consultant present.

Outline of visit

– To train senior staff on how to complete a self- assessment form

– Provide guidance and support to management in completing the SEF for the school

– Create an effective template for school to use moving forward.

Expected outcome 

– A completed SEF to review and use throughout academic year.

– Clear and precise guidance from a qualified consultant.

– Staff to gain knowledge on areas of action and priority for school improvement.

whole school

This is a four day visit in which a full inspection will be conducted in all departments. The visiting consultant(s) will use this information to put together a full reports complete with recommendations on findings, CPD plans and other professional development training relevant to the school’s needs.

Outline of visit 

– Full observations of teaching and learning.

– Review student academic progress and retention.

– Meet with teams in all departments during visit.

– Review student services data and process of enrolment.

 Expected outcome 

–  Set recommendations for teaching and learning practices and staff development.

–   Provide recommendations and improvements on student retention and academic progress.

–  Guide and complete Self-assessment and learning Improvement plans with relevant staff.

– Ensure all department receive full verbal and written feedback and recommendations on key findings.