From managing student behaviour and progress to monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, academic institutions require a lot of administrative resources to complete common day to day tasks.

Explore our admin resource packs with effective templates and proven strategies to help with the smooth running of various departments throughout the academic year.

Our resource packs range from useful template forms to Powerpoint presentations and action plan guidelines for departments to tackle a range of common administrative tasks and challenges.

Below are our current admin resource packages which are always adapted and tailored to suit the needs of each academic institution.  


The start of the academic year or term can mean confusion for most staff and students. Your staff may have questions about their curriculum delivery, what the assessment schedule looks like? Which teaching group/s they have? What are the academic targets for the year? What kind of staff support/development is available for staff? etc..Your students may also have their own questions on where they need to go for new classes, who their teachers are and their assessment schedules etc    

Our induction packs effectively answers all of their questions and help facilitate the smooth transition into the academic year.


Student Disciplinary Action Plan

The process for student disciplinary can often be unclear for students and at times challenging for staff to effectively follow through with. This can lead to difficulty in managing student behaviour and more importantly, it can make any student policy ineffective. We put together an excellent action plans to help academic institution effectively manage their existing student policies.

policy and procedures

Observations and Professional Development

Teaching observations serve an important purpose of tracking and improving the quality of teaching and learning in order to enhance student progress and outcome. For teachers however the process can be stressful and deeply personal.

Our observations pack has been put together by an experienced quality assurance team and it is designed to ensure the improvement of teaching and learning becomes a collective effort from both the teaching staff and management.

Our observations and professional development package walks any academic team through the full process of managing the quality of teaching and learning effectively.  

Professional Dev